Who We Are

Joshua Generation Takeover [JGTO] established in 2014, is a mandate upon “The Joshua team” to lead the children of God with courage that they may takeover the paths of life prepared unto them by bringing safety, liberty, salvation, deliverance, defense, rescue and to preserve God’s chosen people, get victory and bring unto them prosperity and the saving grace even to life everlasting through Christ Jesus, the eternally blessed God [Jehovah].

JGTO core Vision: To raise up the foundations of many generations. [Isa 58:12]

JGTO core mission: To be a refreshing spring rain for our generation. [Job 29:23]

Our Objectives

  • To raise a generation that is empowered to excel in academics and in all dimensions of their life.
  • To promote the education of the under privileged by providing unique and affordable education services aided with talent study programmes.
  • To provide quality bible based education to produce a breed of leaders who will serve the nations with skilfulness and integrity.
  • To present the gospel of peace to every campus student.
  • To prepare a generation able to impact their world/communities for Christ through a life of service to Him.